When all you need is a Storm Shelter Door


When all you need to finish your storm shelter or safe room is a heavy, storm resistant door, then we have the solution for you.

Our storm door weighs over 250 pounds and locks on both sides of the door with a single action inside.  Made of heavy steel construction, it is easy to mount to concrete, steel or wooden frames.  It is 36” x 72” with 4” channel frame (Impact tested at Texas Tech)

The doors are ADA compliant with internally activated, self-releasing hinges to prevent residual storm debris from trapping occupants inside.

IMG_0367With a 4” angle frame that can be bolted into inserts cast into concrete shelters, we can specify a variety of colors for the powder coated door. The frame is hot dipped galvanized…but it can also be powder coated to match the door color if desired.

The price for these doors is $2650.00 USD plus freight from Houston.  Included in that price will be emergency door lifters and tee handles. The optional round locks for the doors run another $80 each.

In the event of debris blocking the swing of the door, a simple procedure inside releases it safely from the hinges to allow it to be removed easily.

It comes with a locking mechanism that allows you to use your space to safely store valuables.

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